VGA & Component (YPbPr) Audio to HDMI Converter - LKV-351

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VGA & Component (YPbPr) Audio to HDMI Converter - LKV-351


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If you have PC or laptop with VGA output, or if you have a device like a PSP, DVD, Wii, or Xbox, with component output, and you wish to connect it to an HDTV, then this VGA/Component converter is your solution!

This device can up-scale a standard analog VGA signal or Component Video output with audio and convert it into a single HDMI output Unlike other VGA to HDMI Converters without up-scaling, the advantage of the LKV351 is that it works with all brands and models of PCs and HDTVs The resolution is set at 720p so there will be no resolution or compatibility issue when used with any type of HDTV


  • Scaling chipset to up-scale PC VGA or Component Video (YPbPr) signal to standard HDMI
  • Input = 1x VGA, 1x Component Video (Y Pb Pr) and 1x 35mm Stereo Audio jack
  • Output = 1x HDMI
  • Output resolution is fixed at 720p to avoid compatibility issues


Supported PC VGA Resolutions:

  • 640x480(60Hz,75Hz,85Hz)
  • 800x600(60Hz,75Hz,85Hz)
  • 1024x768(60Hz,75Hz,85Hz)
  • 1280x720 (60Hz)
  • 1280x768 (75Hz)
  • 1280x960 (60Hz)

Physical dimensions (LxWxH) = 127 x 106 x 35 cm

Weight = 016 kg

Package Content:

  • 1x Video converter unit
  • 1x VGA cable (M/M)
  • 1x 35 mm stereo audio cable (M/M)
  • 1x AC adapter
  • 1x User manual

LKV-351-7110- Made in China

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