VGA 1-Male to 2-Female Y Splitter Connector Cable

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VGA 1-Male to VGA 2-Female Y-Splitter Connector Cable - White - 5288


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This VGA Male to Dual VGA Female Y Splitter Connector Cable provide reliable connections with repeated mating cycles High speed trasmission without the worry of signal loss and potential performance problems The connector cable features foil and braid shielding to reduce EMI/RFI interference and twisted-pair construction to help reduce cross talk, ensuring high-speed, error-free signal transfers

Features and Specifications:

  • This VGA Y Splitter Connector is easy to use
  • High quality material
  • Durable and reliable for long time use

Package Content:

  • 1 x VGA Y-Splitter Cable 1M to 2M VGA Connectors (10 inches)

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5288 - Made in China


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