Techly Terminal Block Impact Tool - 110/88 Double Blade

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Techly Terminal Block Impact Tool - 110/88 Double Blade


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This Impact Punch-down Tool terminates shielded or unshielded, twisted-pair cables to 110/88 block connections It features adjustable impact levels for different-size cables, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently

  • Adjustable impact pressure control
  • Spare tip storage space built in
  • Interchangeable and reversible tips


  • For seating wire into terminal block or cut off wire end after terminated
  • For Terminating 110/88-style jacks and patch panels
  • Quality punch down for 110/88 Solid or stranded
  • Comfortable handle grip Performs both cut and punch functions
  • Fits in the palm of your hand applications
  • Blades are interchangeable and reversible
  • With adjustable impact pressure control


  • Model: I-HT 110-ME
  • IDC 110/88 terminal punch down tool
  • For use on 110/88 terminal blocks
  • Hi-Low adjustable pressure: hi 15+/- 2 kg; low 10+/- 2 kg
  • Container for blade storage
  • Dimensions: 709in x 122in x 122in (180cm x 31cm x 31cm)
  • Weight: 122 g (43 oz)
  • Color: Orange

Package includes:

  • PunchDown Tool 110/88 with dual blade

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36526 - I-HT 110-ME - Made in China


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