TDK DVD-R Print-On White Discs - 16X - 4.7GB - 10 Pk with Jewel Cases

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TDK DVD-R Print-On White Discs - 16X - 47GB - 10 Pk with Jwel Cases

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TDK inkjet-printable DVD-R media allows you to customize your media with your own style and graphics These discs can be printed on using an inkjet printer capable of direct-to-disc printing

DVD-R discs can be recorded on by DVD burners compatible with the DVD-R format, and can be read or played on most DVD drives and players Each disc holds up to 47GB of data or 120 minutes of standard SP video



* Print On / White Discs
* 10-pack in slim case
* Recordable DVD
* Compatible up to 16X DVD-R hardware



Item #: 891620
Manufacturer #: 020356617127
Recording Time: 120 minutes
Media Capacity: 47 GB
DVD Drive Compatibility: DVD-R
Case Type: slim jewel case
Quantity: 10
Brand Name: TDK
Manufacturer: Imation

Made in Taiwan

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