SwitchEasy LANYARD Protective Hard Case for iPhone 5 - 5S, Cream White

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SwitchEasy LANYARD Protective Hard Case for iPhone 5 - 5S, Cream White


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LANYARD™ is a super strong case unlike any other in the market Accessorized with a high gloss metal clip that comes with an attachable lanyard it saves you from dropping your phone while taking pictures Not only this, but the clip also provides a place to put your phone charms for that personal touch

The metal bar is demountable and clips on in two ways for left- and right-handed people We have done everything to make your case is as elegant as it can be As a SwitchEasy™ tradition we ensure all of our cases have no technical markings of any sort that could compromise the beauty of our cases

Securing the ease of use, LANYARD™ has covered side buttons with ultimate tactile sensation And with the color matching connector protectors, dust and grime are the problems of the past Therefore LANYARD™ is the ultra thin fully protective case for your iPhone


  • Protective case made from Super Strong polycarbonate material
  • Covered volume and on/off buttons with tactile sensation
  • Metal clip with eyelet for lanyard and phone charm attachment
  • High quality metal/polyester lanyard
  • Soft Touch Matte Coating


  • Packaging: 19949mm x 8806mm x 2219mm
  • Case: 12683mm x 6752mm x 1004mm

Package Content:

  • One LANYARD™ unit
  • One Color Matching Lanyard
  • Two Front Screen Protectors
  • One Back Protector
  • One Microfiber Wipe
  • One Squeegee for your Screen Guard application
  • Two Connector Protectors

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