Replacement Battery for iphone 5S / 5C

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Replacement Battery for iphone 5S / 5C




Getting disappointed with sudden shutdowns and lower standby time?

  • Your Smart Phone will get a new life with this replacement battery. It is a 3.8 V Li-ion battery with 1440mAh battery capacity. The product is only compatible with iPhone 5S or 5C. A High-Quality Replacement Li-ion Battery A+ Grade cells to ensure longer battery life and high-speed, efficient charging. Very useful replacement. Perfect Full Capacity Replacement Battery for iPhone 5s / 5c. With this item, you can use or play your favorite apps for a longer time.
  • Package contains the battery compatible with Apple iphone 5S/5C. It is a 1440 mAh battery Li-Ion Replacement needed when your phone no longer holds the charge. Often needed when your iphone 5C/5S has been dropped in water or left in a very hot environment. This battery is easy to replace if you have a basic knowledge in repairs and manual skills.

The Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S / 5C can resolve issues like:

•  Unexpected shutdowns
•  Quick battery drain
•  Charge several times a day
•  Afraid to go out in longer




Replacement Battery for iphone 5S / 5C

  • Brand new and high-quality replacement battery with better conductive properties. Replace your damaged or non-working Battery for iPhone 5s/5c with a new one. The battery we provide is rechargeable and environmentally friendly.
  • Battery life is one of the most sought features we look for a smartphone. Get rid of those faulty batteries and get this replacement for your iPhone 5C/5S. Lithium-ion battery, undergone drop test, smash test and acupuncture test to ensure no fire and explosion is initiated by this product.
  • Replace your iPhone 5S/5C Battery with a fresh and durable battery. Brilliant capacity and extremely high-performance power supply will make your phone feel brand new! Longer Lasting battery means you no longer need to carry around a portable power bank.
  • Long Life Battery for your iPhone 5S / 5C and Professional installation is highly recommended. High capacity battery cell enables longer standby time and talks time. The Replacement battery is made by leading manufacturers using the latest techniques.
  • Premium grade A+ quality battery 1440mAh, perfect compatible with Apple iPhone 5S/5C. Protection from overheating, over current, short-circuiting and everything else. The simple and fast installation process for the battery is a completely safe alternative.


Voltage: 3.8V
APN: 616-0667
Watt Per Hours: 5.73 Whr
Standard Capacity: 1440 mAh
Type: Lithium Battery
Perfect Models: Suitable for iPhone 5C/5S



  1. If you are unable to turn your phone on after installed, please try to reconnect the battery connector and charge the phone.
  2. Our battery is sent out with little or no power, so please charge it for about 4 - 6 hours before using.


Package includes:


  • One (1) Replacement Battery compatible with iPhone 5S/5C 

Note: Photos and/or description may differ from actual products. Information from suppliers or packaging. No accessories inlcuded.

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