PCT 4-way RF Splitter, CATV Signal Distribution - SP4HQ

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PCT 4-way RF Splitter, CATV Signal Distribution - SP4HQ


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PCT's Genesys Mini and Genesys II drop passives offer exceptional performance and long-term reliability for drop installations, particularly in systems with cable modem applications

Genesys Series splitters are specifically designed for minimizing intermodulation distortion and spurious signals Included with both Genesys Series splitters is PCT's patented Digital Seizure Mechanism (DSM), providing significant advantages in center conductor retention, surface contact area and electrical performance
  • Superior intermodulation distortion and second harmonic performance
  • Excellent return loss and port-to-port isolation in the return band
  • Patented PCT DSM seizure technology provides increased spring retention for better surface contact (US Patent No 6450836)
  • Beryllium copper seizure for better corrosion resistance, impedance matching, and prevention of common path distortion
  • 6 kV surge withstand, excellent second order harmonics performance after 10 surges to each port per IEEE C6241-1991 Category A3
  • Tin-plated backplate provides minimum -130 dB shielding effectiveness and superior defense against long-term corrosion factors
  • Weather-sealed F ports
  • Machine threaded, flat-faced F ports for improved ground plane contact
  • Conforms to all applicable SCTE standards


  • Nominal Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Flatness (Tap & Out): 05 dB
  • RFI Shielding: -110 dB
  • Blocking Capacitors: All ports
  • Surge Withstand: IEEE C6241-1991 Category A3 (6000 V, 200 Amp, 05 microsecond,100 kHz Ring Wave)
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +140 Deg F (-40 to +60 Deg C)

Package includes:

  • 1x 4-Way RF Splitter

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