DVI Analog Male to VGA (HD-15) Female Adapter (1 pc - Beige)

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DVI Analog Male to VGA (HD-15) Female Adapter (1 pc - Beige)


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The DVI to VGA converter adapter supports LCD monitor, HDTV, Projector, DVD and other home theater, etc One 12+5 pin DVI-D Male connector at one end and one 15 pin VGA female connector at the other end

This adapter can be used to change your DVI output connector to a regular VGA connector *

Some video cards have a dual display capabilities Use this adapter to allow dual displays

ATTENTION : * There are two types of DVI connections: DVI analog and DVI digital If your DVI output is purely digital and does not support analog modes, this DVI adaptor will not work Please check your DVI pins carefully to determine whether this DVI adaptor will fit your output connector


  • Convert a DVI-A connector to a VGA connection;
  • Adapts to an existing DVI-I cable for use with a VGA plug;
  • Supports hot plugging of DVI display devices;
  • Supports digital and analog signals;
  • Meets DVI DDWG Standard


  • 1x DVI (12+5) Male End
  • 1x VGA (HD15) Female End
  • Length: 4 cm
  • Color: Beige

Package includes:

  • 1 DVI/VGA Adapter

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