Digiwave Indoor TV Antenna Bracket - ANT0001

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Digiwave Indoor TV Antenna Bracket - ANT0001


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Digiwave ANT0001 is special designed TV antenna bracket for tube TV antenna ANT4002, it is suitable for complete series flat-panel TV with more than 19 inch size, This smart TV bracket are perfect way to combine tube antenna with flat-panel TV (LCD or LED TV), It is quite convenient and easy to install without any tool


  • It can help to save more space and match with your TV in a very ultimate satisfaction
  • This special design bracket can make your TV appearance vivid and give you an enjoyable and utility function


  • Brand Name Digiwave
  • Model: ANT0001
  • Antenna Type: Indoor
  • Product Depth (inch): 7.48
  • Product Width (inch): 3.94
  • Product Height (inch): 1.97
  • Width (inch) - boxed: 4
  • Height (inch) - boxed: 8
  • Length/ Depth (inch) - boxed: 2
  • Product Weight (LB): 0.31
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions (inch): 7.5x4x2
  • Manual (included): YES
  • DIY: Yes
  • DM Weight (LB): 0.36
  • Product Barcode: 669716130502
Package Content:
  • 1x Set of Brackets
  • 1x Inmstruction Sheet

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ANT001 - Made in China


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