RiDATA DVD-R - 16X - 120min. - 4.7GB Shrink Wrap 50 Pack Spindle

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RiDATA DVD-R - 16X - 120min. - 4.7GB Shrink Wrap 50 Pack Spindle




As one of the RiDATA DVD-R MyEco Series discs, this RiDATA DVD-R disc is a high-performance, environmentally conscious media product.

It provides 4.7GB capacity with 16X speed support, allowing you to quickly backup your important data, movies, music, and more. It utilizes superb premium organic dye for excellent recording quality, and is UV and heat resistant, resulting in durable, long-lasting data storage.

Ridata Write-Once DVD discs are the high quality multimedia data storage media. They provide 4.7GB capacity which can accommodate a complete 120 minutes DVD movie on a single disc. Ridata's DVD¬ĪR media offer great performance and compatibility with computer drives and DVD players.

With Ridata's high quality organic dye, the disc provides best durability to store & protect your important data for a long archival life.




4.7GB Storage Capacity

  • The RiDATA DVD-R disc offers 4.7 GB on a single disc to store your photos, movies, music and other digital contents.

High Speed

  • The RiDATA DVD-R disc delivers up to 16X write-once disc speed, letting you quickly archive large amounts of data.

Superior Quality

  • The RiDATA DVD-R disc applies premium organic dye on the recording material to ensure stable writing with excellent quality.

UV and Heat Resistance

  • The RiDATA DVD-R disc features low BLER (block error rate) and is UV and heat resistant, making it a trouble-free archive for years to come.


  • The RiDATA DVD-R disc is compatible with most readers and writers.

MYECO Technology

  • With MYECO technology, this model is RITEK's environmentally conscious media product. RITEK uses a special etching technology for the labeling of each disc rather than the ink printing process. This is RITEK's effort toward reducing the carbon foot print at production level.




  • Brand: Ridata
  • Manufacturer Part: 70771BRDA0235
  • Media Type: DVD-R
  • Speed: Up to 16X - Speed Supported: 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 10X, 12X, 16X Certified Recordable
  • Capacity: 4.7GB / 120Min
  • Material: ¬†RITEKF1
  • Ridata DVD-R excellent compatible with many recorders and players.
  • High quality and reliability.
  • Suitable for storing various data storage.
  • Quantity: 50pcs in bulk shrink wrap
  • Surface Type: Full Logo (Branded)


Package Content:


  • 1x RiDATA DVD-R - 16X - 120min. - 4.7GB Shrink Wrap 50 Packs Spindle


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MED-DVD-RIDATA-50PK-OPP -70771BRDA0235 - Made in Vietnam - Media Blank - NEW - 3499/2400 - TGCP - 16/20

IRN: 846122031436-2400


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