MONSTER USB 3.0 To HDMI Adapter - 2K - 1080p Quality - Connect a Laptop to a TV/Monitor - Black

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MONSTER USB 3.0 To HDMI Adapter - 2K - 1080p Quality -  Connect a Laptop to a TV/Monitor - Black




The Monster USB 3.0 To HDMI Adapter allows you to connect to multiple HDMI televisions or monitors with the greatest of ease. Transmitting both video and audio, our Adapter works with all compatible devices.

You’ll be able to get up to 2K 1080p quality and 60 Hz Resolution on all your presentations. Easily transportable, you can carry it anywhere and use it in any setting without issue.

Transform how you connect to your devices with the Monster USB 3.0 To HDMI Adapter today.


Features and Specifications:


2K 1080p Resolution:

  • All your videos will be supported up to 2K 1080p Quality with 60 Hz Resolution.

Easily Connect to All HDMI-Compatible Devices:

  • You can easily link up to a computer, laptop, TV or monitor, provided they are HDMI-compatible. (Requires a separate HDMI Cable, Not included with our Adapter).

High-Quality Video and Audio Transmissions:

  • Your adapter will be able to send both video and audio presentations without issues to any HDMI-compatible device for superior quality and playback.

Plug, Play, Get Started:

  • With no external drivers or complicated setups, your Adapter works in any environment with any compatible device.
  • Lightweight and portable, carry it to whatever conference room or setting you need it in and set it up without any additional pieces.


Package includes:


  • USB 3.0 To HDMI Adapter


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132709 - MHV1-2003-CAN - Made in China - Adapter - 4999/4400 - 14/16

IRN: 805106891381-4400


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