BlueDiamond RJ45 Round 50-Micron Stranded Plug - 8P8C - Clear - 10pk

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BlueDiamond RJ45 Round 50-Micron Stranded Plug - 8P8C - Clear - 10pk


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BlueDiamond RJ45 Round 50 Stranded Plug - CL, 10pk

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Since 1989, BlueDiamond™ has been producing high-quality computer cabling solutions for home and corporate users alike Built to exacting specifications and backed by a lifetime warranty, BlueDiamond™ cables are designed to deliver the highest possible performance and longevity in virtually any operating environment Choose BlueDiamond™ today and start making the best connections


  • Gold plated contacts 50 micron
  • Blue Diamond bag with barcode
  • 8 position, 8 conductor RJ45
  • 10 pack


  • Colour: Clear
  • Package Type: Retail Polybag
  • UPC: 776704071218
  • Warranty: Free Manfact Defect

Package includes:

  • 1x Pack of 10 RJ45 Round Starnded PLugs

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