BELKIN Pure AV 30 ft. 15GA Flat Speaker Cable and Pins - 2 Conductors - White

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BELKIN Pure AV 30 ft. 15GA Flat Speaker Cable and Pins - 2 Conductors - White




Using advanced engineering methods and the highest-quality materials, PureAV Blue Series Speaker Cables deliver crisp, natural sound to enhance your home theater experience. Ordinary speaker cables sacrifice performance by using lower-grade materials, including steel or low-purity copper conductors. This can result in signal loss that causes poor high-frequency reproduction, and sound that is not truly accurate. Gauge is another important factor to consider when selecting speaker cable.

Fifteen-gauge speaker cables improve power transfer and sound accuracy over higher-gauge cables. The recommended minimum gauge for smooth sound reproduction is 18-gauge. The longer the cable length and the larger the amp, the heavier the gauge required.




  • Delivers better audio clarity and a more natural-sounding midrange with superior-grade, 99.99%-purity copper conductors
  • Generates better high frequencies and a more realistic stereo image using precision-formulated, polyethylene dielectric material
  • Creates precise contact and increased durability with 4 corrosion-resistant, 24k gold speaker pins
  • Extends durability with abrasion-resistant, high-temperature PVC jacket




  • 15-Gauge Wire
  • 99.99%-Purity Copper Conductors
  • White Flat Wire
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty Only
  • Product Code: AV2300tt30

Package includes:


  • 1 x 30 ft. Spool
  • 8 x Pins (4 Red + 4 Black)

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AV23000tt30 - Made in China - Cables - Speaker - NEW - 2995/2000 - TGCP - 14/16

IRN: 722868503423-2000


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