3.5mm Female to Female Stereo Gender Changer - Black

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35mm Female to Female Stereo Gender Changer - Black

Item: Audio Adapter

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This stereo coupler is ideal for connecting two existing 35mm audio cables together Connectors: 35mm Stereo Female to 35mm Stereo Female Utilized to splice together two existing 35MM male cables such as on a computer sound card, port audio devices Will function fine as a mono-mono coupler as well Shielded

The connectors are silver-plated terminals to ensure long lasting, corrosion-free connections The perfect solution for adapting your audio connections to meet your application needs When new, these are tight-fitting Make sure you insert your male plug completely to get a good connection


- Audio adapter for changing gender or connect two cable together stereo audio
- Silver-plated contacts resist corrosion and maximize high clarity signal pass
- Standard 35 mm (1/8") stereo female plug
- Precision-made connectors to ensure long-lasting audio sound quality
- Fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief

  • Black molded plastic construction
  • Silver Contacts
  • Connector 1: 35mm Female Stereo Plug
  • Connector 2: 35mm Female Stereo Plug
  • Use with PC, stereo, MP3 players, etc
  • External Length / Height: 35mm
  • Body width: 10mm
Package Content:
  • 1x 35mm Female to Female Stereo Gender Changer

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