18 in. 4pin MOLEX Male to (3) 15pin SATA II Female Power Cable (Net Jacket)


18 in 4pin MOLEX Male to (3) 15pin SATA II Female Power Cable (Net Jacket)

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Got new SATA drives that you need to connect to a system with an older power supply? Here's a solution

This is a splitter adapter is for connecting up to 3 internal storage devices that require 15 pin SATA power connectors to Power supplies that only have 4 pin molex power connectors ie YOUR DRIVES ARE NEWER SATA, BUT YOUR COMPUTER IS AN OLDER ONE WITH MOLEX

Features a 4 pin Molex male daisy chained to three 15 pin SATA power female connectors The SATA connectors are arranged in a a 90 degree configuration to position your cables conveniently out of the way A nylon mesh netting is over the wires to provide a cleaner look and protection from abrasion

Warning: Molex connector provide 12V and 5V power lines, but not 33V required by some SATA drives Make sure your drive does not require a 33V power connection before purchasing this adapter


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  • 1 x 18in Cable

Made in China

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