AC Plug for Apple Generic Compatible Power Adapter (White)

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AC Plug for Apple Generic Compatible Power Adapter (White)


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The Generic Compatible AC Plug Adapter replaces the plug on any white power blocks made by apple such as the chargers for iBooks, PowerBooks, MacBooks, MacBookPros, Express Base Stations Firewire chargers and USB chargers


  • Small and lightweight design (white)
  • Two flat parallel flat blade prongs with holes
  • Small and lightweight design offers much convenience


  • Generic Compatible¬†Apple AC Wall adapter (Duck head, AC Plug) with bulk packaging
  • Alternative to power cord 922-5463 - attaches to adapter and allows adapter to plug straight into power outlet
  • US Wall Plug (Duck head) for Macbook,iBook, iPhone, iPod, iPad ; P/N M8482 A1036 A1021 A1184 A1172 A1003 922-7097 922-5863
  • Weight: g
  • Size: cm

Package includes:

  • 1 √ó US AC Plug for Apple Generic Compatible¬†Power Adapter (bulk packaging)

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