YHDAA 433Mhz Wireless USB Handheld Laser Barcode Label Scanner Reader - Black

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YHDAA 433Mhz Wireless USB Handheld Laser Barcode Label Scanner Reader - Black


Item: Barcode Scanner


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  • The product is simple to set up, get rid of the complicated issues of the wireless scanners in majority on the current market, the users can master it faster and effectively.
  • Stronger transmission distance, efftively working within 500 meters in open place. (indoor according to different structure generally 50-200 meters)
  • The interior is equipped with large capacity of battery, which is 1.5 times more capacity of the ordinary wireless scanner, effectively safeguard the work efficiency of the users.
  • Its super memory can store 10-300000 barcodes. Strong matching function: support one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one; A receiver can support 255 scanners working at the same time.
  • Intelligent data upload, breakpoint continuingly, upload the latest data, and other functions. Zero power consumption due to its advanced standby mode technology, effective guarantee a longer standby time for the rechargeable battery, prolong the service life span of the product.


  • The overall design of the product is delicate and exquisite. The head of the scanner, the handle and the base are protected by rubber, and the scientific inside struck design enhanced the crashproof function, which is unmatched by the common wireless barcode scanner in the market.
  • There is a new leap in the code reading function. With the new technologies of the decoding chip, the scanner can be read and transfer more quickly.
  • The easy setting procedure can make sure the client learn to use it quickly ,which avoid the complex setting when you use it..
  • The big capacity battery is 1.5 times of the common scanner , so our scanner can be use for a longer time.
  • The far transmission distance: ,i.e. 500m in the empty space(normally 50-200m in the room,which is according to the indoor structure.
  • Super larger memory: it can store 100,000-300,000 of barcode.
  • Powerful matching function: supporting 3 kind of work modes (one to one , one –to many and many-to-one). One receiver can receive messages from 255 pieces of scanner at the same time.
  • Uploading the date intelligently, it can upload the date breakpoints continuingly (the scanner will store the date in it’s own memory, when the date can not send to the computer successfully. And upload the date to the computer when it is convenient)
  • The stand-by mould technology can save the power, so it can use longer time.



  • Source Type: Visible laser diode, wavelength 650nm
  • Trigger Mode: Manual
  • Scan Mode: Single scan
  • Scan speed: 100 ± 2 times
  • Resolution: ≥ 4mil
  • Print Contrast: 30% minimum reflectance difference.
  • BER: 1/5000000
  • Charging input voltage: DC 5VDC ± 0.25 V
  • Power: 100 mW (work): 400 mW (maximum instantaneous)
  • Current: 20 mA (work): 100 mA (maximum instantaneous)
  • Standby current: <20uA
  • The light intensity: 3000-12000Lux
  • Depth of field: 5mm-630mm
  • Scanning angle: ± 60 ° ± 65 ° ± 42 ° (left and right, front and rear, turn)
  • Decoding capability: UPC / EAN / JAN, UPC / EAN with Supplementals, UCC / EAN 128,
  • Code 39, MSI, Code11, Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 39 TriOptic, Code 128,
  • Code 128Full ASCII, Codabar, Code93, Discrete2of5, IATA, RSSvariants,
  • Codabar, Chinese2of5, Inteleaved2 / 5, Interleaved2of5, the postal code and other countries
  • Interpersonal GM - dimensional bar code
  • -Lift method: Buzzer, LED indicator.
  • Scanner: L * W * H: 158mm * 68mm * 96mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Charging Interface Type: RJ-45 crystal head, length 1 m (with a USB charging cable, when the red
  • light is charging ,When the red light is off the battery is full)
  • Shell Material: ABS + PC
  • Temperature: 0 ? to 50 ? (work): -40 ? to 60 ? (storage)
  • EMC EMC: EN55022, EN55024
  • Electrical Safety: EN60950-1
  • Enclosure class: IP54
  • Seismic capacity: multiple drops from a height of 2 m to concrete still work

Function explanation:

  1. Storage function: the scanner will automatically store the date in it’s own memory when the date can not upload to the computer successfully.(when the transfer distance is too far or there are other signal interruption). It guarantee the date will not be lose.
  2. Low power alarm function: If the scanner enter the stand-by state when it is reading the barcode or when you just turn on it automatically and the indicators flickers continuingly at the meantime, it means the battery need to be charged.
  3. Stand-by state: when it is not used , it will enter the stand-by state automatically.
  4. Charging: Inserting the crystal plug into the interface of the scanner and inserting the usb plug into the computer’s usb interface. When the indicator is red , it means it is being charged.When the red indicator flames out, it means the battery is charged fully.

Package includes:

  • 1x Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • 1x Receiver
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User's Manual

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YHD-5300 - Made in China

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