Tripp-Lite TLP1210SATG Eco-Surge 12-Outlet Home-Business Theater Surge Protector, 10-ft Cord, 3600 Joules - Accommodates 8 Transformers

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Tripp-Lite TLP1210SATG Eco-Surge 12-Outlet Home-Business Theater Surge Protector, 10-ft Cord, 3600 Joules - Accommodates 8 Transformers


Item: Power Protection


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The TLP1210SATG offers reliable, green surge technology that protects your A/V installations, the environment and your wallet The TLP1210SATG offers a unique Netbook switch that allows users to select wattage, so these are the only green surge suppressors compatible with all PCs, Notebooks and Netbooks Energy-saving outlet configuration reduces energy waste (phantom loads) by cutting AC power to unused peripherals

The TLP1210SATG offers 3600 joules of advanced surge protection for all A/V components You can see and hear the difference: sharper, crisper video; deeper, fuller audio; longer component life spans

Perfect for small-to-medium home/business theater installations: high-definition TVs, satellite and A/V receivers, DVD/CD players and more 12 outlets (with transformer spacing and sliding safety covers), 2-line coaxial protection and 1-line tel/modem/Ethernet (100BaseT, high-speed) protection safeguard an entire home/business theater system Includes two diagnostic LEDs and four status LED indicators, color-coordinated holographic outlet/plug labels, 10-ft cord with a right-angle plug, 6-ft coaxial cable and 6-ft network cable $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (US, Canada, and Puerto Rico only)

  • Auto/manual switch offers green energy savings or standard protection
  • Unique Netbook Switch allows user to select wattage
  • 12 outlets / 10-ft cord
  • 3600 joule rating
  • 2-line digital gold coax connectors
  • 1-line tel/modem/network (100BaseT, high-speed) surge protection
  • $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (US, Canada, and Puerto Rico only)


  • Energy-saving outlet configuration reduces energy waste (phantom loads) by cutting AC power to unused peripherals
  • Green Outlet Array; "Master" outlet controls power flow for 1 primary and up to 8 peripheral components "Power Save" outlets cut AC power to 8 connected components when not in use - perfect for non-essential components that do not save settings like DVD players, gaming consoles, amplifiers and speaker systems "Always On" outlets provide continuous power to 3 critical devices that save settings like DVRs and recorders (TiVo), cable and satellite boxes
  • User-adjustable wattage control switch - allows for high-wattage (over 25W) and low-wattage (over 15W) components to serve as Master device
  • Auto/Manual Switch - allows users to switch between green (auto) power-save mode and standard (manual) surge protection
  • 3600 joules surge suppression rating with EMI/RFI line noise filtering help components perform at their peak (sharper, crisper video; deeper, fuller audio and longer component life spans)
  • 12 widely spaced surge-protected NEMA 5-15R AC outlets safeguard and entire home/business theater system while accommodating up to 8 large transformers
  • Sliding safety covers protect against accidental contact
  • 2 sets of surge-protected Type F gold coaxial connectors safeguard components on cable, satellite and antenna line
  • 1-line tel/modem/Ethernet (100BaseT, high-speed) surge protection safeguards personal video recorders (PVRs) on a single DSS or Ethernet line
  • 10-ft cord with right-angle NEMA 5-15P plug
  • 2 diagnostic LEDs alert user to protection and grounded status and 4 status LEDs indicates when AC power is present
  • Keyhole slots provide convenient wall or cabinet mounting
  • $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (US, Canada, and Puerto Rico only)



Output Volt Amp Capacity (VA) 15
Output Watt Capacity (Watts) 1800
Frequency Compatibility 60 Hz
Output Receptacles (12) 5-15R
Outlet Type NEMA 5-15R
Transformer Accommodation Accommodates 8 transformers


Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported 127V
Recommended Electrical Service 120V (110-125V)
Input Connection Type NEMA 5-15P
Input Plug Features Space-saving right-angle input plug
Input Cord Length (m) 3
Input Cord Gauge Type 14 gauge, SJT
Voltage Compatibility (VAC) 120
Maximum Surge Amps 228000


AC Suppression Joule Rating 3600
AC Suppression Response Time < 1 ns
Protection Modes Includes full normal mode (H-N) and common mode (N-G / H-G) line surge suppression
Clamping Voltage (RMS) 150
UL1449 Let Through Rating 330, 400, 400
EMI / RFI Filtering Up to 40 dB


Telephone/DSL Protection Yes
Cable (Coax) Protection Yes
Cable (Coax) Protection Details 2 line
Network (Ethernet) Protection Yes


Shipping Dimensions (hwd / cm) 5.21 x 22.00 x 34.01
Shipping Weight (kg) 1.25
Unit Dimensions (hwd / cm) 3.91 x 11.99 x 30.18
Unit Weight (kg) 1.16
Material of Construction Plastic
Integrated Keyhole Mounting Tabs Keyhole mounting slots allow desk or wall mounting
Color (AC Line Cord) Black
Outlets Measurement (Center to Center) Distance between standard outlets = 254mm; Distance between transformer outlets = 57mm
Keyhole Slot Mounting Measurement (Center to Center) Distance between horizontal tabs = 152mm; Distance between vertical tabs = 735mm


Green Energy-Saving Features Power saving auto-shutoff ECO outlets
Right-Angle Plug Yes


UL1449 3rd Edition (AC Suppression) UL1449 3rd EDITION
UL1363 (Power Tap) UL1363
UL497A (Communications) UL497A
FCC Part 68 (Communications) FCC Part 68
cUL / CSA (Canada) cUL
Approvals Exceeds IEEE 587 category A&B specifications


Product Warranty Period (Worldwide) Lifetime limited warranty
Connected Equipment Insurance (US, Canada & Puerto Rico) $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance

Package Content:

  • TLP1210SATG Eco Home/Business Theater Surge Suppressor
  • 6-ft gold coax cable
  • 6-ft network cable
  • Instruction manual with warranty information

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