Saga Impedance Matching Volume Control 100W (White, Almond, Ivory) - SAG4401U

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Saga Impedance Matching Volume Control 100W (White, Almond, Ivory) - SAG4401U


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Saga Sound Series 100 Watt, Rotary Volume Control, with White, Almond, & Ivory Plates

  • This multi room audio piece is not just eye pleasing and easy to use, it’s the only Volume Control you’ll need Its quality, power, and sleek look are guaranteed to surpass your expectations; read on and find out why


Right place at the right time

  • Ever been on the job and realize you didn’t set the impedance levels correctly? You do not have to worry about having to pull the volume control out of the wall just to make this simple adjustment With our SAG4401U, you can simply remove the knob and Decora Strap plate to access the impedance matching switch

Power Handling

  • With 100 watts per channel, a high quality auto-former, and an impeccable frequency response our Saga Volume Controls tromp the competition in price, quality, and overall value

Removable High Grade Connectors

  • We too have seen gimmicky tool-less connectors on the market, but when you’re installing wires up to 14 gauge we suggest taking the sure fire route and using screw down terminals to secure your connections Simply insert the stripped wire and cinch down the screw ports for the most reliable connection every time

Expand your horizons

  • If you are looking to run up to 8 speakers with your Saga Volume Control, don’t sweat it By simply setting the multiplier switch to the appropriate setting, your amplifier is safe from threatening overload conditions

Dressed for the occasion

  • Knowing that you’re running into a variety of scenarios out in the field, we have included three of the most common colors of plates, knobs, and straps So no matter what color plates you find in your customer’s home, you’ll be dressed for the occasion (Comes with white, ivory, and almond plates, knobs, and straps that easily snap into place)

Rock the block, with less stock

  • You will no longer need to stock over rated expensive brands With Saga we offer 100 watts of continuous power at an affordable price for all of your multi room audio applications!

In Saga we trust

  • Because you and your customer’s satisfaction are important to us beyond the initial purchase, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our Saga Volume Controls


  • Power handling: 100 watts per channel
  • Selectable impedance matching(1X, 2X, 4X, and 8X)
  • High quality autoformer
  • 12 steps of attenuation: all the way counter-clockwise is completely off / all the way clockwise is completely open
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz (+0/-2dB) at rated power
  • Removable green connecting strips accept up to 14 gauge wire
  • Independent grounds for use with any amplifier
  • Color: White, Almond & Ivory
  • Fits most plastic electrical junction boxes with a minimum depth of 325in

Package includes:

  • Saga 100W Volume Control
  • Includes Matching knob, Decora-style insert, Cover plate and screws

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- Made in China


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