RCA Wireless Headphones - 900Mhz - Black

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RCA Wireless Headphones - 900Mhz - Black




RCA's newly improved Wireless Headphones are designed for powerful sound and ultimate comfort, with 40mm speakers.

Each pair has the ability to transmit audio signal up to 150 ft. through walls, floors and ceilings. This product is optimized for listening with built-in volume controls. The portable combination charging cradle provides compact storage, even while in use. The 3-channel selection allows you to enhance volume level without disturbing others.

Plus, the advantage of Phase-Lock Loop (PLL) technology helps to lock in frequency, preventing signal loss. Upgrade your listening experience with RCA's new Wireless Headphones!




  • Transmits audio signal up to 150 ft. through walls, floors, and ceilings
  • 40mm speakers for outstanding sound performance
  • Combination charging cradle and transmitter for easy storage and use
  • 3-channel selection on headphones and transmitter for easy tuning
  • Phase-Lock Loop (PLL) technology locks in frequency to prevent signal loss
  • Soft, comfortable earpads for long-lasting enjoyment




  • Power Source: AC power adapter
  • Wireless Information: 900 MHz
  • Audio Drivers: 40mm; 32ohm
  • Noise Suppression: No
  • Ambient Sound: No
  • Audio Frequency: 50Hz-11KHz
  • Cable Length: 3.5mm
  • Audio Cable Length: 2230mm (87")
  • Power Adaptor Cable Length: 1830mm (72")
  • Approximate Battery Life (hours): 12 after fully charged and headphone volume at 2/3
  • Dual Device Connectivity: Multiple headphones within the operating distance


Package includes:


  • 1x Wireless Headphones
  • 2x Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x Charging Cradle/Wireless Transmitter
  • 1x Audio Y Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide/Warranty


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WHP145 - Made in China - Headphones - NEW - 10999/9400 - TGCP - 16/20

IRN: 044476142024-9400


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