Philips High-Speed Recordable DVD-R - 4.7GB - 16X - 120MIN. - 50/Pack






Philips High-Speed Recordable DVD-R - 4.7GB - 16X - 120MIN. - 50/Pack





As the inventor of CD & DVD technologies, Philips

The DVDR and DVDRW markets are growing, and Philips is playing a leading role in meeting end-users' requirements by being among the first to introduce innovative developments like high-speed discs.

Thanks to the special protective coating on the sensitive side of your DVD, you can be sure your irreplaceable memories will be safeguarded against scratches, fingerprints and dust from everyday handling.

  • 4.7GB/120min
  • 16X top writing speed on DVD-R




  • Create and store to share memories
  • Top speed 16X recording on DVD-R discs
  • DVD and CD recordable discs.
  • Scratch-resistant protective layer safeguards your memories
  • Storage Media: DVD-R
  • Disc capacity: 4,7GB / 120min
  • DVD-R: 16x
  • Recording media: DVD-R




  • Philips DM4S6U50F/17  – Pack of 50 DVD-R
  • High speed 16X recording
  • Protective coating protects against scratches, fingerprints and dust from daily handling
  • 4.7 GB / 120 minutes
  • Pack of 50


Package includes:


1x Pack of 50 Philips DVD-R Discs


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DM4S6U50F/17- MED-DVD-PHILIPS-50PK-OPP - Made in Taiwan - Media - NEW - 2499/2200 - TGCP - 14/16

IRN: 609585186606-2200


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