Panasonic® 9V Alkaline Plus Power Battery - Single Pack - 6AM-6PA/1B

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Panasonic® 9V Alkaline Plus Power Battery - Single Pack - 6AM-6PA/1B




Panasonic's Alkaline Plus Power are Hi-quality batteries ideal for use in your everyday electronics. Alkaline Plus Power batteries provide long-lasting performance in everyday devices such as portable CD players, shavers, radios, smoke alarms and pagers, giving you a dependable solution for the products you rely on.




  • Ideal use with FRS Radios, Voice/Tape Recorders, Palm and Pocket PC PDA Organizers, CD Players, Digital Cameras, MP3 Players and Other Electronics
  • Dependable for low to mid drain devises
  • Pretested and guaranteed
  • Ideal for use in everyday electronics




  • 9-Volt Single
  • Single Use 9V1 battery
  • Great for all your needs
  • One 9-volt alkaline battery
  • No Mercury/Cadmium added
  • Do not recharge, dispose of in fire or improperly insert in devices. 


Package Content:


  • 1x Panasonic 9V Alkaline Plus Power Battery


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Cab-9V-1AL - 6AM-6PA/1B - 9663010-1 - Made in Malaysia - Batteries - 695/500 - TGCP - 14/16

IRN: 073096300064-500


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