Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable - 6 ft. - Black with Silver Connectors

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Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable - 6 ft - Black with Silver Connectors


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Magnetic breakaway power cable for USB-C laptops

  • Apple's MagSafe connector has saved literally millions of laptops from destruction caused by tripping over one's power cord But with the introduction of USB-C on new MacBooks, this safety feature is absent

The BreakSafe Connector

  • BreakSafe's patented quick-release magnetic connector plugs into your laptop's USB-C port and safely disconnects from the rest of the cable when under stress or strain, like tripping over the power cord The streamlined magnetic connector is only 1.28 mm deep so you can leave it plugged into your laptop's USB-C port when not in use

BreakSafe is Designed to Protect your Laptop and You

Because it is designed to carry power sufficient to charge your laptop's battery (up to 60 watts), BreakSafe incorporates four different safety features to protect you and your laptop from accidental or intentional misuse:

  • Visual: Visual markings on the connector housing show the user the correct way to attach the cable and connector
  • Magnetic: BreakSafe's magnets only allow it to be connected the correct way, and ensure the cord's polarity is consistent with both the power supply and the device being powered
  • Structural: BreakSafe has two small keys molded into its magnetic connector that physically prevent the magnets from engaging, and prevent the cable from connecting incorrectly
  • Electrical: BreakSafe's central ground pin is the first conductive element to touch when joining the cable and connector This ensures that any static electrical charges are dissipated before the cable begins passing power from supply to device


Using BreakSafe

Use BreakSafe with the USB-C power supply that came with your laptop BreakSafe is rated up to 60 watts (20 volts @ 3 amps), and has been designed and tested to meet USB-C power standards Please note that BreakSafe is for charging power only; data and video are not supported

BreakSafe Compatibility

  • Apple 12" MacBook (Early 2016 model)
  • Apple 12" MacBook (With Retina display, Early 2015 model)
  • Google Chromebook Pixel
  • Google Pixel C

BreakSafe is Guaranteed for Life If it fails to perform as specified, Griffin will repair or replace it


  • Safely disconnects from your computer when under stress or strain
  • Compatible with Apple's MacBook (12") and other devices that charge via USB-C
  • Length: 6 ft. (18 m)
  • Designed and tested to meet USB-C power standards
  • Rated up to 60 watts (20 volts at 3 amps) power
  • Data and video are not supported
  • US Patent No US7658613B1
  • Warranty: Guaranteed for Life By GRIFFIN


  • MacBook 2015
  • MacBook Pro 13" (2016)

Package Content:

  • BreakSafe USB-C cable with quick disconnect magnetic connector

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