E-Blue Cobra-S EMS128 Optical Gaming Mouse - Pink

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E-Blue Cobra-S EMS128 Optical Gaming Mouse - Pink


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The Cobra S, the smallest gaming mouse ever in the E-BLUE product range, is welcomed by gamers who pursue unique style It is only 100mm in length and is specially designed for users with smaller hands

Apart from its portable feature, the high quality mouse also provides you with excellent resistance and durability


Cobra Type-S

High performance optical sensor

  • The mouse is with high performance optical sensor which ensures accurate precision With maximum 15 G accelerator, high mobility and sensitivity can be guaranteed

Silver key at the lateral part

  • Silver key is installed at the lateral part to help you moving backing and forward conveniently With the illuminating blue light, it creates a magical and sparkling effect

Petite size with excellent hand feel

  • The mouse is only 100mm in length and is designed for small hand users The curvature part at the tail part of the mouse is widened to ensure precision control

Clamp on design

  • The clamp on design at the front of the mouse is effective to lengthen the clicking button of the mouse Its unique structure differentiates itself with traditional mice To combine with the sophisticated micro switch, high-response clicking can be achieved


Overall performance description of the mouse

  • Optical type: Red wave
  • Wired type: USB
  • Wire length:6 feet
  • DPI:adjustable 400/800/1600
  • Switch Life:3000000 times
  • Size:100*56*39mm
  • Product Compatibility:
  • Windows 98/ 2000/ME/NT /XP/win 7

Package contents:

  • E-BLUE Cobra-S EMS128 Optical Gaming Mouse, Pink

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