10 ft. 1/4 inch (6.35mm) T/S Male Nylon Protection Instrument Cable - 20AWG - Black & Gold

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10 ft. 1/4 inch (6.35mm) T/S Male Nylon Protection Instrument Cable - 20AWG - Black & Gold


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Perfect sound , the effect is fascinating

Get a great sounding, no-noise guitar/studio recording instrument cable when you use this 1/4" TS Male 20AWG Instrument Cable from primecables!

Better materials,better quality

This cable is constructed using a 20AWG solid conductor, surrounded by two layers of copper braid shielding, that produce 99% shield coverage The cable features gold-plated connectors for smooth, corrosion-free connections every time The black and gold braided cloth jacket provides superior durability to traditional plastic jackets

The plugs are gold plated to provide smooth, corrosion-free connections as well as maximum electrical conductivity

Better protection

Nylon Jacket protection is safe and protect your cable, even from pets chewing on it
It can handle temperatures up to 80 dgrees Celcius
Will stay flexible in low temperatures

Perfect compatibility

Use for Microphones - Guitars and Bass Guitars - Drums - Piano - Keyboards and many more!


Wear Resistance (Abrasion Resistance):
Cable with nylon jacket protection developed a significant improvement in abrasion performance than other normal wire and cable which exhibit poor abrasion

80 degrees High Temperature Resistance:
The Cable can handle temperatures up to 80° Celsius and is a good general-purpose cable

It will stay flexible and unlikely to be fractured, when used in the car at winter temperatures,

Corrosion Resistance:
The fabric covered section of the Cable with nylon jacket protection will ensure that the cable meet a much longer expected service life without a reduction in performance

Cover Nylon Twine Protection:
The nylon protection allows the ropes to stay straighter and hence reduce rope drag altogether

Pet Chew Resistant:
Cable with nylon jacket protection is also designed to help protect your pets from the dangers of chewing on electrical cords, and it also protects your expensive cables ! There isn't anything toxic in it!

No more tangles, the cable with nylon jacket protection has solved the problem


  • Support 1/4 inch T/S Port on guitar/studio recording instrument
  • Cable Port: 1/4” TS (Mono) 6.35mm
  • Length of Cable (FT): 10FT
  • Black & Gold

Package includes:

  • 1x 10 feet 1/4" T/S Male to Male Audio Cable

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PC-S600N-10ft - Made in China


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