Smart Tag Wireless Bluetooth Tracker - Child, Bag, Wallet, Key Finder Locator, Alarm Tracker - Black

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Smart Tag Wireless Bluetooth Tracker - Child, Bag, Wallet, Key Finder Locator, Alarm Tracker - Black




  • The key finder can use the smartphone to connect five keys. When you press the button, you will hear the sound signal, you can immediately find the object to find. You can find items such as keys, remote controls, wallets, glasses, canes, and other easily lost items.
  • It allows you to quickly find valuable things in your home or your properties. When the anti-drop device away from your safe distance, the phone and the anti-drop device will send a warning reminder, dual protection, and then do not have to worry about the loss and loss.
  • Connected by the Bluetooth and APP, it can trace and locate your lost items, phone, car, child, pet anytime. You can connect this tracer with the cellphone. The phone can connect 2 or more Bluetooth tracers at the same time.
  • If you do not hear the reminder on your cellphone do not have to worry, APP will record the location information of you and the object and display it on the APP built-in map, which can be found on the map.




  • Alerts Direct To Your Smartphone
  • Locate your missing keys or valuables such as wallets, bags, and purses
  • Keep your kids, cats, and dogs in range with tracking and beep alerts!
  • Our device will show you the last location of the Tracker on your cellphone
  • Smart Bluetooth Tracer Locator Tag Alarm Wallet Key Pet Dog Tracker Finder




  • SKU: 33866
  • Compatible Brand: Universal
  • Car Accessories Type: Bluetooth Car Tracker
  • Condition: New
  • Color: Black


Package includes:


  • 1x¬†Smart Tag Wireless Bluetooth Car Tracker Child Bag Wallet Key Finder Locator Alarm Tracker - Black


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