1mm Wide Sticker Adhesive Roll Double Sided Glue Sticky Tape - For Mobile Phone LCD

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1mm Wide Sticker Adhesive Roll Double Sided Glue Sticky Tape - For Mobile Phone LCD




High-Quality 1mm Premium Double-Sided Adhesive Tape can be used in electronics to secure connections, LCD screens and also prevent dust from entering your Smartphone, Cellphone or Tablets. While the adhesive is an important part of keeping your Smartphone, Cellphone or Tablet together, many people will overlook the fact that the adhesive holding their device together will need to be replaced as opposed to reused. This high tack, quick stick 1mm Adhesive Tape will form the necessary bond to hold your device together.

1mm wide Double Sided Adhesive Sticky Tape Glue Sticker For Mobile Phone Can be used for iPhone 3 / iPhone 4 / HTC Thunderbolt 4G / Droid Incredible S / T-Mobile G2 Can be used for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Arc X12 / Samsung Galaxy S 2 SL ACE i9000 i9100 i9003 S5830 Can be used for much more phone..

The 1mm Double Sided Tape Adhesive can resolve issues like:

• Loose LCD
• Display issues
• Loose internal parts
• Old, ineffective adhesive strips
• Blinking display due to a loose component




  • Excellent for double-sided applications and desired, 1mm thick. Normally used for the case, panel, LCD, led and etc. Double side adhesive use for decoration, logos, advertising, etc. Easy remove and without Leaving residue, Nondamaging surface.
  • This Adhesive tape is essential for a long-lasting mobile device repair. A good quality, the premium adhesive is the best option for securely mounting touch screens, battery packs, and small flex cables on electronic devices. Reusing the old adhesive is a common mistake and can lead to poor or loose fit over time.
  • 100% brand new and high quality. Perfect to use on LED strip mounting indoor or outdoors. Adhesive well under high temperature and low-temperature condition, strong stick performance, use this double-sided adhesive tape to securely attach your touch screen in position.
  • This range of tapes is ideal for applications that require transparency or colorlessness. The two-sided adhesive is suitable for high surface energy substrates. Good adhesion to high temperature and bottom temperature, excellent holding strength, good temperature resistance, good moisture resistance, high adhesion strength on rough and non-rigid surfaces.
  • Easy to install and remove without leaving trace, good transparency. Perfect to use on LED strip mounting at indoor or outdoor. This adhesive roll is the one you need in case your phone’s LCD is no longer attached to your device properly. If left unattended, this could lead to display issues and even a possible hit on your phone’s performance.
  • 1mm Double Sided Tape Roll Clear Sticker Adhesive Waterproof Heat Resistant for Mobile Phones LCD Repair




• Width: 1mm
• 100% brand new
• Provides strong and tough adhesion
• Also helpful on other repairs that need adhesive.
• For Repair Cell Phone All Screen Replacement Work.
• It is great Tape for repair of the Cellphone LCD Display.
• Each item will be check and in good condition before shipping
• An inevitable adhesive which holds the touch screen or LCD screen display in position.


Package includes:


  • One (1) 1mm Double Sided Tape Adhesive


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